About Us- Codersource

Who are CoderSource?

CoderSource work globally to place the most talented developers in some fantastic companies and we do it well because we put the time in to understand our markets, connect with the best businesses and find candidates that other recruiters can’t.

The root of our success is no secret; we listen to our clients, find out who they are and what they need then spend time really talking to candidates to make sure they will be genuinely happy in the roles we put them forward for.

What we do?

The easiest way to describe CoderSource is to say we are a “Specialist Sourcing Company for developers and technology professionals”.
We specialise in ‘Search’ recruitment. That means we don’t sit around and wait for candidates to find us, (although it’s awesome when the great ones do!) we get out there and hunt for the best.

Once you’ve been in the market for as long as some of our consultants, you know what talent looks like and where to find it. A great part of the way we work is the connections we make along the way. Because of the relationships our recruiters have and the names they make for themselves in their fields, they can find the people who don’t even know they’re looking for something new! That’s the approach that really helps in candidate short areas like web development, application development, fin-tech, machine learning and start-ups and it’s why we are confident when we say we can find the people that other recruiters simply don’t hear about.