Cyber Security; Crisis or Opportunity? By Guest Blogger - Alex Miller - Codersource Blog
Cyber Security; Crisis or Opportunity? By Guest Blogger - Alex Miller

According to the latest GISW study from (ISC)2, there will be a global Cyber Security skills deficit of 1.8m million people. With cyber-attacks increasing in magnitude, complexity and frequency, this is a worrying statistic, especially in today's society that relies increasingly on the gathering and processing of huge amounts of data. Doom and gloom aplenty.

Or maybe not. At least not if you are looking for a new career, or your next step. While the above statistics are quite terrifying in one context, they do bring good tidings to Cyber Security professionals and graduates: jobs, jobs, jobs! It's estimated that there will be 350,000 Cyber Security jobs to be filled over the coming 5 years in Europe alone. This skills deficit is a promising situation for graduates looking to start their career, either in CyberSec or other realms of IT, as normal rules of hiring will be suspended by necessity, and qualifications and certifications will trump the usual qualifier, experience.

Another way to mitigate the lack of experience on your CV is to bulk it out with the challenges and contests designed for CyberSec personnel held regularly online or at cons and expos. This is a good way not only to make new contacts, but also to hone your skills and demonstrate to employers that you have an interest beyond a salary, and to showcase your talent.

While penetration testing is a key factor in the field, it is the only area that exceeds demand. Not to despair if you are a budding ethical hacker though, expanding your skillset into other areas will still keep your employability high. The main fields in demand for people include Intrusion Detection, Application Security, Secure Software Development and Cloud Security. Despite "Blue Team" being the less glamorous side of Cyber Security, offensive security skills will always stand you in good stead to employers looking for defensive staff.

Cyber Security is a crucial industry, and while the lack of trained personnel can be shocking prospect, it offers a multitude of opportunities for a challenging, engaging career. Over the next few weeks, I'll be writing about the Big Things within CyberSec you need to be aware of, as well as a few tips on getting started with your new career in the industry, of finding that next, exciting job, with some guidance from CoderSource Recruitment, who kindly host this blog.